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Hello! My name is Ashley.

I am an Animator/Artist based in NYC with over 7+ years of experience within the commercial and video game industry. My journey started with two internships, one at Gasket Studios and another at Passion Pictures. I quickly made my way into freelancing inside the commercial industry. There I was fortunate enough to work with Passion Pictures and Imaginary Forces on projects for Yakult, Google and ABC.  During my time freelancing at different studios around NYC I found an opportunity inside of games and have been working in that space ever since. From commercial studios, to start-ups, to games I have always been passionate about making high quality things that people love.  I'm currently at DOTS, a mobile gaming studio which is a part of the Take-Two family working in their new games division.

When I'm not animating or making art you can find me hiking up a mountain or camping out in a forest.  Nature and being outside are the things that really inspire me to create. I also enjoy scuba diving, playing video games, watching documentaries, photography, needle-felting, and baking. 

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