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Garden Tails is the first Match-3 based mobile game developed at Dots. The premise of the game is to play match-3 like gameplay to earn currency to help purchase and plant gardens. As the gardens fill up, animals arrive and bring an interesting narrative to the game. This game is geared towards a casual audience, with an expected release date of September 2022 on the Apple Arcade. 

During this project I was the 3D Lead Artist. I not only managed the visual vision of the 3D spaces, but I also collaborated with my 3D team, other artists, game designers and developers to bring it to life.  Some of my core responsibilities included Art Direction, 3D Animation, Animation + Modeling Supervising,  Rigging, Team Management, 3D modeling, Texturing, Concepting, and Storyboarding.

Some of the biggest challenges when working on this project revolved around optimization and performance. This game originally began development in 2019, and we quickly ran into the question "How can we support low end phones while also providing some of the graphics we wished to achieve as a heavy foliage based mobile game?" With the ever changing game design and market testing we had to not only move forward with creating new assets but go back and make adjust the finished assets to match what was asked of from the game design leads. 




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